Flávio Eiró

Flávio Eiró Crossfit Coolhaven Rotterdam

Flávio Eiró


I’m Flávio Eiró, coach at Crossfit Coolhaven since 2017. After four years training Crossfit seriously, I’ve decided to combine my passion for teaching with this hobby and support other people to work on their fitness and general health. Within Crossfit I’m really into weightlifting, and I love to help people to improve their technique and see some progress with the weights!

My sports background is varied, ranging from judo, athletics (100m sprints), equestrian show jumping (seriously!), and others… Nowadays I’ve been investing on rock and mountain climbing, to which Crossfit is a perfect preparation.

I come from Brazil and have been living in the Netherlands for over 4 years now. I speak some Dutch as well, but my classes are in English (followed by a lot of Brazilian music!).

I usually coach at Crossfit Coolhaven on Mondays (evenings) and Wednesdays (mornings), but on weekends I’m also there joining for some workouts! See you soon!