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Danny Jansen


My name is Danny Jansen, founder and owner of CrossFit Coolhaven. I have been an active sportsman since I was a young boy. About 22 years ago I started Muay Thai and I have since spent extensive periods of time on Koh Tao, Thailand to improve my technique. In 2012 I certified as Muay Thai instructor and since I have been incorporating Muay Thai in my personal training sessions. Besides Muay Thai, I have trained Ninjutsu intensively in Holland. Ninjutsu is a Japanese martial art that practices punches, kicks, submissions, throws, grappling and uses weaponry as well.

A few years ago, whilst on Koh Tao for Muay Thai training I was introduced to CrossFit. I joined a trial session at a recently opened CrossFit box, and the rest is history… Now, I’m a level 2 CrossFit instructor, CrossFit Weight Lifting Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer and proud owner of CrossFit Coolhaven.

In order to give you the most complete service possible, I am also an orthomoleculair therapist and am happy to help you making lifestyle changes and giving you dietary advice to effectively and safely reach your goals.

Please do pop by for a trail session. Fair chance you’ll get addicted too and your life will never be the same. I hope to see you soon at CrossFit Coolhaven.