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Training and coaching during and after pregnancy

Exercising during and after pregnancy is incredibly good for you and your child. It helps you to feel physically and mentally strong and fit and it prepares you for the delivery and/or the challenging life as a mother. However, pregnancy and childbirth demand a lot from your body. It is therefore wise to approach training during and after your pregnancy responsibly and to train under expert supervision. CrossFit Coolhaven offers the PowerMama® training program in collaboration with the Core Academy, especially for women who want to exercise during pregnancy and/or after giving birth.

Why participate?

If you want to exercise during your pregnancy or after giving birth and you do not know what to take into account, permanent physical injuries can occur. On average one in four adult women suffers from pelvic floor complaints such as accidental loss of urine during exercise and three in ten women have a slight diastasis (separation of the abdominal muscles) after the first pregnancy. If your abdominal muscles have not yet recovered after delivery or your pelvic floor muscles are not strong enough, it is important to work on this first. During trainings in the PowerMama® program, we work on various exercises to strengthen these muscles.

PowerMama® is a program developed by the Core Academy founders in collaboration with an obstetrician and pelvic physiotherapist. All classes during the 8-week program offered at CrossFit Coolhaven are given by certified trainers who are specialised in training during and after pregnancy.

The PowerMama® program

The goal of the course is to stay fit during your pregnancy and to prepare you to start regular training programs (again) after giving birth. After completing the program, you will have a good foundation in terms of strength and stamina and you’ll be more aware of your breathing, abdominal muscles and movement pattern. We also teach you how to incorporate these movements in everyday life as a mother. All this through functional movements. In addition, you are introduced to CrossFit fundamental movements such as the air squat, front squat, shoulder press and deadlift. You will benefit from this during and after your (next) pregnancy and throughout the rest of your life.

For who?

The PowerMama® program is for women who are pregnant or have (recently) given birth and would like to start exercising. In the case of a vaginal delivery without complications, you can generally begin exercising after 6 weeks (8-10 weeks for C-section). Women who have already been doing CrossFit or are physically active, but experience pain in the abdomen, back, pelvis or pelvic floor, are also welcome to join.

The program is available for both members and non-members.

The next PowerMama course will start on:
Saturday the 31st of October 2020. The PowerMama classes will be every Saturday from 09:30 until 10:30.
CrossFit Coolhaven follows the guidelines and protocols given by the RIVM and NOC+NSF.

The training is at CrossFit Coolhaven
Coolhaven 100A
3024 AH Rotterdam

This course costs €145 for 8 lessons.
(you can inquire about the possibilities for reimbursement with your insurance)

You can register for the course by sending an e-mail with your name, e-mail address and telephone number to info@crossfitcoolhaven.nl

For members: You can register through the WOD app. After you have created a personal account you can register for the lessons in the app.

There are a limited number of spots available for this course.
If you would like to know more about the program or request a free intake for our PowerMama® program? Please contact us via info@crossfitcoolhaven.nl or 0624218996